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DoodleMaker Review - An Honest Look

My Honest Review Of Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar's Next Gen AI DoodleMaker

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What is Doodle Maker?

DoodleMaker was created by Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar with the goal of helping everybody create doodle videos like doodly, videoscribe and others. Doodlemaker uses AI (artificial intelligence) video technology to make them easier, faster and better.

Paul and Sid are award-winning digital entrepreneurs that have been around for over 2 decades creating some of the finest digital products around, including VideoPal, VideoRobot, Animation Studio, Chatterpal, VideoDashboard and more. Will they do it again?  Let's find out...

How Does It Work?

EASY!   You choose from 3 different canvases:  whiteboard doodle studio, blackboard doodle studio, and glassboard doodlesudio.  You can switch between them easily and quickly and the AI will adapt and change your text and images the correct colors the match the video style you chose.

Enter ANY text and the AI scans your content and connects up your text keywords with relevant doodle images.   You can customize from there if you choose, or let the AI do it all for you.  You can do this with articles, ebooks, or pretty much any text content you want.

  • Doodle

  • Click

  • Profit

Why You Need It NOW

Let's face it.   It feels like it's getting harder and harder every day to get more traffic and to close more deals.    And... you're right.   

But it's not your fault.

There IS more competition online today.    And probably nobody has been willing (until now) to show you all the tricks.   So the GOOD NEWS is that you CAN do this, and with more and more people going online now more than ever... you need this.   


  • Rediculously Easy, Over 300 Templates to get started FAST

  • Great UI / User InterfaceComes with realistic human voice overs, effects, animations.

  • Largest Doodle asset library In the World!

  • COLOR doodles and any color background (even photos).

  • Left/Right Reveals, Fade Ins, Watermarks and more. Feature rich,

  • Convert any photo into a doodle.

  • Unique output.  You Can Stand Out.

  • 60+ Languages Translation!   Very cool feature.

  • Currently Includes Commercial Rights, so you can sell them to clients.


There aren't many, but here are a few things to consider:

  • You may need one or more of the OTOs to serve your needs.

  • You stil have to take action.  It does "almost" everything for you, but you have to take the initiative.



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FAQ / Most Commonly Asked Questions...

  • Q. Can Newbies Do This?

 - Yes.  Absolutely.  Very easy to use.  Paul Ponna's team is known for easy to use, fast, efficient interface design.  They also have tutorial videos and easy to use support.

  • Q. Do I need to buy anything else for this to work?

 - This has everything you need and you can upload for free onto you tube and social media.  If you need to host it on a website, You can get the FREE VERSION OF GROOVEPAGES

  • Q. Does it work with mac or pc? Do I need to download anything?

 - DoodleMaker is compatible with mac and pc. It is cloud-hosted so it works with any internet-enabled device.

  • Q. How Do I Contact DoodleMaker Support?

 - Support can be reached at [email protected].

  • Q. Should I get it?

 - YES.  Right here.   Right now.

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